Gymnocladus Dioicus is the scientific (latin) name for the leguminous tree, Kentucky Coffeetree. This tree is a medium sized tree, reaching at least 50' when in adulthood. Kentucky Coffeetree is in the family Fabaceae, formerly Leguminosae. Meaning, this tree is a Legume. This tree has doubly-compound leaves, a large, hard, leathery legume pod, containing at least five large seeds. These seeds were used by the pioneers of Kentucky to make a coffee substitute. The coffee made from the seeds is bitter. The seeds of Kentucky Coffeetree when raw are poisonous. Is any are consumed by human or animal, contact a hospital or veterinary clinic right away. Leguminous plants usually have a "wing and keel" pea flower, but this tree is an exeption. This tree has star-shaped, bell-like flowers.

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